The Homeopathy of Kindness

We live in the most interesting of times. The changes in the world over the past few months have been staggering in their vastness. As we sit idly by in Australia and watch American cities capitulating into violence and looting, I wonder where to next. How can I as a citizen, an educator, a father, […]

For Society’s Sake, Do We Need New Ethics?

Background: First, for a long time Employee Health and Wellness programs have been part of a deliberate workplace strategy for some, and a “nice to have” for others. It could be argued that whilst it is often discussed, much is written and the industry has grown significantly, it has not yet become a consistent and […]

Where did we go off track?

The Lockdown of 2020 started somewhere? Was it just a virus, or has it been brewing for some time? And where to from here?

What’s Happening Next Door?

We live in truly fascinating times. None of us have a guidebook for this as almost nobody has lived through anything like it. World Wars have an obvious and visible threat that brings people together. Pandemics present an invisible threat that we cannot fight with a gun nor hide from in a bunker. Unfortunately, what […]

Learning the Lessons in Domestic Violence

I recently read a powerful article penned by Dr Karen Williams and published on the ABC News site this past week.  The article, titled “When men were being killed on the street, we took action. So why is domestic violence different?”, outlined an argument that when it comes to men, things seem to happen, but not […]

Milking Your Bones

It is incredible to see where things have come to over the past couple of years. Any cafe worth it’s salt in Melbourne at least, and I am guessing across the wider western world, where people who do not really like coffee* tend to drink a lot of coffee, every possible variety of milk is […]

The Personal  Responsibility Loop Nobody Talks About

Who Can We Really Blame for Climate Change? I have no doubt that we are experiencing potentially catastrophic climate change. I it impossible to turn my back on the overwhelming evidence. But, even if the evidence is all wrong, what catastrophic thing will happen to the planet if we drastically cut our greenhouse emissions and […]

Wellness – 2020 and Beyond

An Opinion Piece by John Toomey I often find myself feeling a little dismayed when I read about Wellness, or have a discussion with someone about Wellness, or even as I overhear other people talking. I struggle with the apparent reality that Wellness is primarily about the body, and that if we make the body […]