Here are some Stunning Videos revealing incredible Health Secrets

The Heart of the Matter Part 1

This stunning piece of Journalism lifts the veil of secrecy and deceit on the Cholesterol Myth and shows how a wild theory became dogma and drove an industry, motivated more by being right and creating profit than by compassion and care for people. It is a stunning piece of work and a must see for everyone concerned about Heart Disease.

The Heart of the Matter Part 2

In this Episode, Dr Marianne Demasi goes on to reveal the ugly truth behind the “Statin” (Cholesterol Drug) industry and how it is basically selling a lie and cashing in on billions of dollars from unsuspecting people and governments.

Gut Reaction Part 1

Food, Nutrition and Gut Health. This is a new frontier in medicine and health. The relationship between the health of the human gut and the rates of disease is quite extraordinary. This program and the following Part 2 open a whole new world of food, health, inner balance and fascination.

Gut Reaction Part 2

Equally as enthralling as Part 1.

Hydration and Health

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do to optimize your health and your energy levels.

Healthy Sleep Habits

Quality Sleep is crucial for your health, immunity, your capacity to work and to your peace and happiness. I created this video for Medibank a few years ago