It is incredible to see where things have come to over the past couple of years. Any cafe worth it’s salt in Melbourne at least, and I am guessing across the wider western world, where people who do not really like coffee* tend to drink a lot of coffee, every possible variety of milk is available, from all the varieties of Cow’s Milk, to Soy, Almond, Coconut, Oat and others.

I am yet to see Camel or Sheep Milk, but I reckon it is probably not far away.

But it does bring me to a relevant point. Milk is not a health food. Dairy Industries across the world did a great job in convincing we mere mortals that it is not only a health food, but completely essential. Of course, we swallowed the message hook, line and sinker.

Over recent decades, the message has all been about calcium and bones. Through cleverly worded advertisements that never really say that dairy food prevents or cures bone density diseases, we are led to assume that without dairy food in our diet, our bones are likely to become brittle and very breakable.

But of course, this is nonsense. I was sent the following article from 2015 by Food Fix Founder Julie Regan yesterday. It states it all pretty clearly.

From Science Norway.

Most of the good research seems to pint to acidity in the body, and the body’s attempts to neutralize acids as the reason we tend to leach so much calcium phosphate from the bones. This of course sets us up for calcium accumulation in arterial walls as well.

To avoid Osteoporosis or any other form of bone density disease, I recommend the following.

  • Cut back on foods that create acidity in the body like soft drinks, sugar, red meats, refined grains, cow’s milk, soy milk and processed foods that contain a lot of the aforementioned.
  • Increase alkalizing foods. This includes most vegetables and fruits, especially citrus (amazing hey), nuts and seeds.
  • Get plenty of weight bearing exercise. Put your bones to work.

And if you do wish to drink Cow’s Milk, you might want to start writing to your politicians and demand pure, raw cow’s milk. we all have fridges now so we no longer need to pasteurize milk. There are plenty of farmers who wish to supply pure, organic, raw milk, but they cannot because it is illegal. It is a good time to change old laws like this that no longer serve us.

Have a great day and I hope you enjoy your coffee.

* That’s my little jab. A Scotsman once told me that people who put a mixer with Scotch Whiskey, obviously do not like Scotch Whiskey. And from my highly superior, more special than others viewpoint where I drink simple, strong, double shot espressos with a little extra water (a genuine long black), I reckon that people who put milk, or sugar, or any sort of syrup with coffee, obviously don’t really like coffee. Of course this is just me teasing.


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