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Workplace Wellness, Fatigue Prevention, Stress Prevention, Resilience

Bring the very latest in Workplace Wellness, fatigue prevention, stress management and Human Factors Research
into your workplace today and give your people the gift of effective, easy to implement self-care.

Our Mission

Every worker feels so good within themselves, that not only do they contribute beyond expectation at work whilst showing great care for colleagues, the business and its customers and suppliers, but when they go home they have the energy, enthusiasm and dedication to give themselves to their families and the community so that they may do their part in raising the next generation of resilient, courageous, self-assured and talented kids. Through our unique education programs, clever resources and ongoing dedication to learning, discovery and sharing, we seek to inspire all the people we meet to work to lay the foundations for prosperity and happiness in coming generations. This is true Workplace Wellness.

Wide Awake Wellness is a Workplace Wellness, fatigue prevention, and stress management Education Agency.

Our Guarantee to you

We will stay ahead of the game. We dedicate ourselves to continual learning, research and discovery so that we may bring to your workplace the very best, most current and exciting guidance for personal wellbeing, family health and great workplace culture.We will help you make Workplace Wellness into an edge you carry in the marketplace.

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We Deliver

  • Inspiring Educational Seminars and Workshops that create positive, lasting change. Fatigue Prevention is just a seminar away.
  • Smart and effective resources
  • The Wide-Awake App
  • Regular, easy-to-read Newsletters to keep you informed and inspired. Topics like fatigue prevention and stress management are covered regularly.
  • Helpful Products