Aligned Teams

Teams perform better when everyone is aligned on a mission and prepared to take full responsibility for their part and their unique contribution to the quest. John has been inspiring and motivating teams for many years, inspiring young and old to step up and take on the challenge of being better, of finding out how good one can really become.

Sports Teams are not too different to businesses. It is funny how big business pay successful sports people to inspire them and give them tips for success in a competitive world. Did you know that Professional Sports Teams often do the same and pay successful business people to show them the way.

To add a boost to your team’s performance and increase your team’s chances of success, give John a call.

Building Better Communities

Local Sports Clubs can be the backbone of a community. they bring people together, create a focus in the community and create an opportunity to share a common experience and goals. It is crucial that a community have a vibrant sports club, perhaps more than one. Football, Cricket, Netball, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse and many other sports bring hours of enjoyment, physical fitness, camaraderie, friendship and entertainment to a community.

For Sports Clubs to thrive, a community effort is required. This creates an opportunity for good people to engage in selfless service to create better things for their community.

If you are seeking inspiration or guidance in the creation, expansion or enhancement of your community sports club, talk to us.