John recently spoke at our Client Information Session which was attended by a very diverse range of Victorian employer representatives. The topic of John’s presentation was ‘Creating Calm in a Stressful World’.  He provided the audience with some very thought provoking and empowering information that participants could put into practice, not only in their personal lives, but in the workplace.  Some of the words used to describe John’s presentation by attendees included ‘amazing, powerful and engaging’.

I would not hesitate in recommending John to anyone wishing to motivate and inspire their audience.

Pam Dowell
Business Development Support Coordinator
VIC Workers’ Compensation
Allianz Australia Workers’ Compensation (Vic) Limited


If you want to engage with the workforce and really challenge the norm, then I would highly recommend a visit from John Toomey.  Taking the time to focus on the ‘H’ in OHS is fundamental to ensuring workers feel valued and also shine the light on the area many safety professional struggle to do.  John takes the audience on a journey about personal health, the impact of poor health on work undertaken and the simple changes we can all do to improve quality of life. 

Michelle Nation

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Manager – Vic, SA & Tas


John assisted Virgin Australia recently during our Work Safe Week to deliver engaging and meaningful health and wellbeing advice that was very well received by our team members across the business. His professional, extremely knowledgeable and friendly nature led to making a positive difference to our team members health attitudes. We loved working with John and would recommend him to any organisation wanting to make a difference to employee health and wellbeing.


Liv Hewitt | Group Rehabilitation Manager


We were looking for someone to help us out with our “Mind on Task” initiative and “Fatigue Management” in the run up to the Christmas holidays and I booked John after being recommended by a colleague. John ran several sessions for us and delivered his presentation to almost every person we had on site and the feedback we received from our workers was extremely positive. Almost all asked for his links to the wellbeing tips he spoke of during the sessions.

Most of the guys coming to the sessions were thinking, “not another H&S training session”, but John connected with the guys with his unique delivery and very interesting content and the guys were talking about the sessions for days afterwards, from the site construction workers to site senior management John engaged every one of them on the same level.

We will have John back on site at some point and I would have no hesitation of recommending John to anyone who should ask about his services.


 John Crawford     
Senior HSE Officer
Construction  +61 474 300 474
69 Nicholson Street, St Leonards NSW 2065


We recently had John present to our company which included a blend of predominantly male warehouse employees and female office workers.  John’s approach to health is candid, refreshing and unique.  Not only did our employees find the session interesting, I had the majority lining up to give me their personal email addresses afterwards so I could share more of John’s handouts.  Further, proof of the lasting change that has happened since John was here was when I was recently told that 2 of our warehouse employees have started making their own kombucha at home!!!

Paula Alan – COHSPrac   

OH&S Manager


John has spoken at a number of our client forums in recent years.  No matter the topic, John manages to not only address the issue but engages the audience in an informative and entertaining way.  The client feedback from John’s sessions is always overwhelmingly positive.

John Barnes | National Manager – Workforce Strategies
Marsh Pty Ltd
| One International Towers Sydney


“John has worked closely with me over the past 6 years. I would consider him to be one of the leading high performance executive trainers in Australia. He has assisted me in stretching myself from a physical and mental perspective to achieve a range of professional and personal goals. John challenges the status quo and helps high performance teams to create winning strategies that are truly sustainable. 

John’s work can also assist any executive in realising that work/life/balance in today’s busy world is truly achievable. “


Jason Disborough | Aon Risk Services Australia Ltd
Revenue Engine Team | Chief Commercial Officer



I have had the privilege of co-presenting at two major speaking events with John Toomey. I found John to be extremely informative, engaging, funny, caring and I completely support his message about the importance of managing health & wellbeing in the workplace. I am in the process of designing two more health and safety conferences for a very important client and will most certainly use his services again. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Joe Bradford

Amberwise – Inspiration – Transformation – Collaboration – Strategy – Safety Culture & Leadership Development


John presented at our Conference, engaging the room immediately and holding everyone’s interest for the entire length of his presentation! His depth of knowledge coupled with his ability to entertain whilst delivering a powerful thought provoking message was exceptional.
I would recommend having John attend your workplace with his captivating, thought provoking presentation! From Peter Webber, Regional Manager WFI Insurance

Sharyn Dent

Regional Assistant at WFI Insurance


John Toomey has presented for me as an expert in healthy lifestyles and work life balance on many occasions. His light-hearted approach to serious issues ensure that his content is always well received. Additionally, his content always has a practical component which is easily accessible to a wide audience. I highly recommend John’s health and well-being services to any who have an interest in wellness, or who wish to spread the wellness message in a corporate setting.

I have always found John to be deeply passionate about his work and always striving to improve and broaden his service offering. This is an admirable trait and his enthusiasm for a such a valuable cause is infectious.

Amanda Blesing FARPI

Helping women into the C-suite – Mentor & Expert in Visibility for Leading Women | Talent Development & Career

Former CEO Law Institute of Victoria


“We have had so many presentations on Fatigue Management and each time, everyone falls asleep. The Irony seems to be lost on the facilitator. But I could not believe how you kept everyone so engaged for 2 hours. And this morning, the blokes are still talking about it, excited by what they learned.”

Harry Finn | Mine Services Superintendent 

Wesfarmers Curragh Pty Ltd | Private Mail Bag | Blackwater | QLD 4717 | Australia

( (07) 4986 9129 | ( 0407 227 537 | 6 (07) 4986 9675 | * hfinn@curragh.com.au


Four years ago, QBE embarked on a Thought Leadership Program for customers, allowing them the opportunity to network and hear from guest speakers on innovative or thought provoking topics of interest in the health and safety industry.

We’ve been fortunate to partner with John throughout this journey and present on a diverse range of topics of interest to our customers across Australia. Topics that John has presented on have included Fatigue Management, The Corporate Athlete, Building a Well World and more recently, Epigenetics – The Gateway to Robust Health and a Great Workplace Culture.

John has been able to present each of these sessions with great enthusiasm, passion and charisma. He is passionate about health and wellbeing and has been able to provide our customers with great ideas and information which they can easily implement in their workplaces or into their own personal lives.

We have very much appreciated the opportunity of working with John over the last few years and look forward to continuing to partner with him as we progressively develop our industry leading Thought Leadership Program.


Paul Hardiman
National Key Accounts Manager

Consumer and Retail Partnerships : People Risk

QBE Australia & New Zealand

Phone: +61 92462459 Mobile: +61418288453 Fax: +61 92462322
Email: paul.hardiman@qbe.com
Visit us on the web at www.qbe.com.au
2018 National Training Calendar 


In 2017, John Toomey visited Ayers Rock Resort and delivered four dynamic training sessions on understanding the body and work life balance. His messages were simple, clear and inspiring and really resonated with our staff at Ayers Rock Resort. Thank you John, for your visit.


Tracy Walker

Group Learning and Development Manager

Ayers Rock Resort | Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Pty. Ltd.


Thanks John, You have certainly had an impact on this company and have brought the health issues to the forefront of the minds of the GM’s. Thanks for you time and inspiration.

Nigel Skeates – Human Resources Manager – Engineering – Vic


Good Morning John. I just thought I would take the time to let you know that as a result of meeting you at our G.M.s conference at Mt Eliza, my life has taken A positive turnaround. I have changed my diet significantly on the basis of what you discussed with us all, dropped my weight by 7.7 kgs and picked up my exercise routine considerably as a result of feeling much better. I have just had my Annual medical and a full blood analysis done and everything is A.O.K. I would like to thank you, not just for your advice, but also for your follow up Newsletters, and to let you know that I am better for having met with you in a number of Lifestyle issues

Kindest Regards

Tom Walsh

National General Manager

AE Smith and Co, QLD


As part of our diversity agenda we commissioned John Toomey to present a series of health and wellness sessions (Life Balance, Physical health, Mind & Body, Performance Mind) to our people across Australia. We were overwhelmed by the positive response and how our people embraced John’s message. John has given many of our people the information and confidence they need to make changes to diets, exercise routines and in some instances how they see themselves. He has had a positive impact on the majority of people he and his message has touched.”

Craig Buller

Business Transformation Consultant



“Thank you very much for your words of wisdom which came at the perfect time for me. You are a very gifted and unique human being, you manage to make people feel good. May your life be as beautiful as you make it for others.”

BC – Manager, Local Government – Vic


Your presentation today came at a perfect time for both myself and my team. We are negotiating some significant change and you have given all of us a broadened perspective on change, on life, the future and on the present. The room was so calm when the session ended and the whole team felt really uplifted. Thank you.

Karen S

Human Resources,



Hi John. I write today to tell you that you have generated incredible excitement in our organisation. There has been a palpable shift in mood and cooperation among the team. Everyone is drinking more water, experiencing an increase in energy and seemingly less stress. We are installing water filtration systems in the kitchens over the next few weeks. Thanks for the impact you have had on our team.

Trevor Gozzard

Caroma Industries


Thanks for your contribution to our conference this week. Everyone arrived a little flat and exhausted after a tough few months. I was astounded at how you were able to quickly engage us all, guide us into a new perspective and leave us really excited about our conference and about the next 12 months ahead. And the water consumption went through the roof over the next few days, which means the message went in. Thank you.

Ben Waters

WA State Manager



Hi John. Thanks for your contribution to our team here in Auckland. We now realise how easy it can really be to feel healthy and well all of the time. All of the staff commented on how easy to understand your message is. I am confident that we will see some significant changes around our office and I can certainly see a path to reduced absenteeism and higher output levels. We will get you back in the next 12 months for a refresher.


Area Manager

Caroma Industries – NZ


Hello John. I am still gob smacked. The guys in our depot are normally quite rude and irreverent when we have a speaker. They often talk or simply get up and go outside to have a smoke. Not only did you hold their attention completely for the designated hour (I thought you wouldn’t last 10 minutes), but the question and answer session went on for just over 2 hours. The guys are all really pumped. I was getting a coffee this morning and one of the blokes stuck his head in and said, “Have you had enough water today?”. Thank you. You have inspired this group of men beyond belief.



Depot Manager

City of Kingston

Local Government – Vic


And from a Conference on Stress Management and Psychological Injury for Allianz: Various Feedback

  • Very inspiring and motivating – amazing!
  • Amazing, engaging and a powerful presenter
  • Excellent presentation/presenter
  • Nothing short of inspiring, loved him – entertaining, funny and useful.
  • Very interesting and engaging.
  • Great talk, could have perhaps heard a little more directly about stress, but definitely see and appreciate route he took. Excellent speaker, very engaging.
  • Inspiring on a personal level, would be interested in more strategic applications of the ideas (ie., how to implement)
  • Very thought provoking
  • John is amazing, I will definitely use his exercises and opinions in my workplace and personal life.
  • Awesome
  • Excellent presenter
  • Magnificent speaker
  • Very interesting, motivational, humorous and enlightening

From Delegate Feedback Form