A Place of Profound Healing

Imagine for a moment, a landscape, perhaps once volcanic, a picturesque combination of rocks, grass, trees and shrubs, encasing pools and gentle streams of warm and hot geothermal water, steam rising into the air, birds flying about, a playful breeze blowing in off the ocean, all bathed in gentle sunshine. And further imagine, at this […]

What does Wellbeing Mean?

What does Wellbeing Mean? Wellness and Wellbeing are two terms that have been thrown around for years now. For a long time, it was considered that a person with a high level of physical fitness must be an incredibly healthy person. But over time, we have seen many very fit people succumb to degenerative diseases, […]

Incivility – The Hidden Risk

When speaking at a workplace conference a few years ago, I sat in on a session by respected workplace mental health and wellbeing consultant, Dr Peter Cotton, who stated that the most significant risk factor for workers compensation claims was incivility. I nearly fell out of my chair. What is this? Simply, it is people […]

The Push-up Challenge

The Push-up Challenge is an annual event that seeks to raise funds for Mental Health causes. It started out as a challenge among mates and has grown to be a bit of a juggernaut. It is amazing. This year, I saw a post on LinkedIn and thought, “Why not? I can use a bit of […]

Mental Health Challenges in Workplaces

Work Cover claims for Mental Health are skyrocketing. Over the past couple of years, the Victorian state Government has been forced to tip hundreds of millions of dollars into WorkSafe to prevent it from collapsing under the burden of so many claims. It is not wise to act helpless, as it seems so many are. […]

A Note About Vaccines

Right now, it seems the entire world is facing vaccine fatigue. Three or Four Covid-19 shots followed by flu shots seems to be too much for some. This can create challenges in workplaces. Although vaccine mandates are beginning to expire, some workplaces hold strong on the belief that all employees should be fully vaccinated at […]

Cold and Flu Tips

Not everything has to be about a pharmaceutical response. In fact, when it comes to colds and flu, I have a sense that pharmaceutical options fail dismally. Here are a couple of natural alternatives that work like a charm. Sore Throats: A sore throat can be so debilitating. It can get to the point where […]

Where Has Their Willpower Gone

Human Will is incredible. We all know stories of mothers who have turned over cars to free a trapped child. Will is seen everywhere. We celebrate Steve Waugh’s indominable Will against a barrage of pace bowling in the West Indies in 1995 and 1999. We often lament our teenage children when they seem to lose […]

Communities, Covid and Connection

The Covid Lockdowns many cities experienced during 2020 and 2021 certainly altered communities, perhaps permanently. I live in an inner bayside suburb of Melbourne called Elwood. Being an early morning runner and swimmer, often the winter mornings, pre pandemic, were a lonely experience with very few other joggers out there in the dark, and certainly […]

Worry, Overwhelm, Stress and Fatigue

Right now, in Australia and across the world, people are fretting, worried about their lives, their livelihood, their future and their children’s future. They fear that life will never return to what they are familiar with. They fear their plans will be destroyed and their dreams compromised. Some of your people are experiencing these things. […]