Thriving Through Stress

Gaining Mastery over Challenging Situations
Build a Robust Culture of Thriving, Inspired and Courageous People

Will My People Cope in these volatile times?

“Times have changed. Covid has brought so many new and significant challenges. In many ways, stress levels are escalating. How do we transition into a productive workplace where deadlines and challenges inspire great work, instead of destroying peace of mind and fracturing relationships?” Company Director Heading Human Resources who did not wish to be named.

Pressure Creates Fear and Reactivity:

  • When fearful, people cannot keep attention on tasks.
  • People become pre-occupied and distracted
  • May lose self-care and in doing so, lose care for others
  • Motivation can be completely lost
  • People can seek distractions to block negative feelings: TV, Gaming etc
  • People become more likely to abuse alcohol and recreational drugs
  • Often People are more likely to be involved in or create conflict
  • May lead to a loss of creative flare and to poor decision making.
  • Can create tendencies for self-sabotaging behavior
  • People can become unproductive and may even retard the progress of others
  • Creates Defensiveness and extinguishes the boldness required for great work.

“People who are not managing their stress well perform like an injured athlete. They may produce, but you cannot depend on it.”

To Manage, and Minimize Negative Stress, this session will

  • Shift your people into a more flexible viewpoint.
  • Teach people to recognise the signs of stress.
  • Teach techniques for re-framing and gaining helpful perspectives.
  • Teach techniques to calm your mind and body so that you can“re-start”.
  • Help turn reactivity into proactivity.
  • Use stressful situations to gain insight and learning.
  • Teach Techniques for better quality sleep.
  • Help participants to be able to re-connect with their goals when pressured.
  • Support Participants to be more mindful and build skills to remain present.
  • Inspire We attitudes to help a person focus on living for the benefit of others.
  • Demonstrate how practicing virtues creates immunity to negative stress.

The connection between gut and brain is extraordinary?
Poor gut health leads to downward spiral, negative thinking.

Thriving Through Stress Program

Introduction to the Seminar:

Negative Stress can be a scourge of modern life. Following the Covid-19 lockdowns, coupled with the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic, stress levels in some sectors have risen to new and catastrophic levels.

Businesses have been challenged like they perhaps never have. Uncertainty prevails. Commercial property values are under threat as workers across the world resist returning to the office environment. Traditional“safe bets”are now under the microscope. Many businesses have failed and many more teeter on the brink.

This Seminar is a pathway to regaining control, developing mastery over stress responses, and getting back into the driver’s seat, to regain control.

The Aim of the Seminar:

To teach people what the stress response is, why it occurs, how it manifests and how to take action to minimise its effects and to regain essential calm in the middle of a perceived storm.

Seminar Description:

Is this situation Armageddon or Interruption?

We start out by exploring the stress response. What is it? How does it arise?What is actually happening? What are the signs that tell indicate you are succumbing to stress?

We then explore what a person can do to negate the effects of stress, to return to calm and re-set to be able to get back on task.

We then explore how we create the stress response within our own Universe. We think it is coming from something on the outside, like an event, circumstance, or another person, but there is a significant missing piece.

The program then calls upon some old wisdom to teach the skills necessary to remain present, mindful, and aware. This is a powerful state where one can think and act deliberately.

Finally, we link this to work and explore how each contributes to the culture, and how to create a cooperative and cohesive working environment. We then explore the benefits of building powerful teamwork.

Finally,we inspire your people to understand that when they learn to manage their stress, they become more dependable and build stability and trust with clients.

Post Seminar Resources

Following the presentation, employees receive a comprehensive email containing extensive helpful resources.

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The Exciting Wide Awake App

A powerful Education Program in the Palm of Your Hand. It contains powerful modules, comprising a variety of audio programs and easy-to-read articles,taking your employees on a journey to effective fatigue prevention and personal wellbeing.

At the end of each module there is a quiz. Wrong answers set the employee directed back to the content the question came from. Monthly collective progress reports are emailed to your nominated Safety Rep.

ACN: 162 642 097


  • Single 2 Hour Seminar: $3,300:00 plus GST
  • Half Day – Up t 2 Seminars: $4,200:00 plus GST
  • Full Day – Up to 3 Seminars: $5,400:00 plus GST

Multiple Seminar packages also available. Client is responsible for funding all travel and accommodation.

*Please call for prices for Virtual Events.

John Toomey

Global Chair

Global Wellness Institute
Wellness at Work Initiative
Writer for Chopra Global
and Thrive Global

About John Toomey

John Toomey is one of Australia’s leading Health Educators. Holding a Degree in Physical Education, John has worked in many diverse are as involving Health, Fitness and Sport. Since 1982, he’s served in High Performance roles at seven AFL Clubs. He has also worked with a variety of other Professional Sports Clubs in Leadership and Culture Development.

He has been working in and leading the way in the Health Education sector since 1980 and completed over 20,000 hours study in this field.

As a professional speaker and trainer,he has presented over 3000 seminars in the corporate arena in Australia,NZ, the US and South East Asia. He has published over 500 articles,including publications like Wellbeing Magazine, The Melbourne Age, The Melbourne Herald Sun,The Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Chopra Global.

John is an in-demand expert commentator in Australian radio.

From an Academic standpoint, John has lectured in Physical Education at Victoria University and taught Wellness in Monash University’s school of medicine. From 2012-17, he served as a member of the Course Advisory Board at RMIT’s School of Health Sciences.

In 2013, he was asked to address a fatigue and culture problem for a QLD Blast & Drill company. Researching official guidelines on Fatigue on prominent industry,regulatory and safety sites, he was stunned by what wasn’t being said.

Taking his wealth of knowledge from years of conditioning athletes and in the corporate arena, he created his now World Renowned Fatigue Prevention Program.