A quick update on the learning and podcasting. It has been incredible. I have been tuning in a lot to Jordan Peterson. I admire his intellect and his command of the English language. But even more so, some of his guests are brilliant. I’ve been taking a deep interest in Narcissism and am beginning to realise how common it is.

I’d be interested to hear back from you as to your take on the impact of Narcissistic personalities in workplaces.


The Safety Guru Podcast

Just before Christmas I was guest on The Safety Guru Podcast. Eric Michrowski. You can click here to tune into the podcast.

The Nick Bracks’ Move Your Mind Podcast

This Thursday I will be guest on Nick Bracks’ Podcast, Move Your Mind.

 Nick is a brilliant young guy who left Melbourne to base himself in New York. Recently, he completed a Construction Industry series of Podcast Interviews. They are very good and include the likes of Vesna Newman, Kurt Warren, Rebecca Casson, Martin Smith, Mark Pomeroy, Rotem Rotenburg, Charles Munns and Maddi Van Sitter, Jorgen Gullestrup, Angelina Pillai, Haydn Masters and Craig Dearling.

You can find his Podcasts at This Spotify Link.

Valentine’s Day – Contemplations on Loneliness

Over the past few months, I’ve found myself chatting to a lot of people, men and women, who find themselves single and over 50. Most are out there in the dating world, using apps or social media connections, seeking to find a spark that will find them in love. Read More

A New Poster Coming – Building Natural Immunity

We have a new poster in production. This one teaches your people how to go about developing a strong personal immune system. It is laid out like the main care poster, with each panel describing something that can be done to improve immunity, for example, Vitamin D supplementation.

Within the panel there is a QR Code. When you scan the code, it opens a video with a Doctor of Integrative Medicine giving more instruction about that particular area of building immunity.

Stay tuned….

Workplace Wellbeing Posters

Don’t forget your Poster series. This is a perfect, low-cost Wellness Program for your workplace.

1. The Power of Care

2. An Interactive Guide to Building Immunity

Education in work workplace is key. The posters can deliver the education in the background as you work on other things. And don’t forget, the Posters give you valuable content for Toolboxes and as openers for meetings.

Now with Letter Sizing for US Based Businesses.

To learn more, or order posters, click here.

A Simple, Helpful Tip

Ease or prevent back pain by standing on one leg for a minute or so, and then switching to the other leg for a minute or so. This switches on the transverse abdominus muscle, one of your most significant postural muscles.

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