This year I am turning off the radio. I’ve decided it is time to ramp up my education. So, I am reading more and I am replacing my daily radio habit with podcasts.

Cultivating Healthy and Vibrant Workplaces by Lisa Kelly

I have known Lisa Kelly for about 10 years. She and her company have been one of the pre-eminent providers of education courses for people who wanted to work in Workplace Wellbeing, or take on a Wellbeing Role in their organisation. She is a genuine Industry leader. You can purchase the book at

The Upstander Leader by Jessica Hickman

Jessica Hickman is a Bullyologist. She has risen through the ranks in Australia as one of the most sort after voices in the area of Workplace Bullying and Bullying in General. She created the Upstander Movement to help support people in workplaces to recognise bullying behavior and to take a stand.

Her book is brilliant. You can acquire a copy at Booktopia.

Her Website is There are more resources there.

The Gender Penalty – Anneli Blundell

I have known Anneli for many years. She is a communications and Interpersonal Intelligence Expert. She also does a great deal of work with Women in Leadership. She is one of a kind.

I met up with Anneli before Christmas for a coffee and she gave me a copy of her book. I read it and it gave me so many insights. It genuinely and compassionately takes apart the plight of women in the workplace and why there is such a gender gap in terms of Salaries and Opportunity. Further, she gives brilliant strategies on how to navigate the space and bring down the barriers.

You can access the book at Booktopia.

Anneli’s Website

Re-Imagining Workplace Well-being – Jessica Grossmeier

Jessica Grossmeier is an incredible human being. She is a sought-after speaker and consultant on Workplace Wellbeing right across the US and into Canada and Europe. She is a key member of my Global Workplace Wellbeing Initiative and has an impressive resume of clients.

This book is just full of really good advice, sound guidance and useful resources.

You can buy it through

A New Poster Coming – Building Natural Immunity

We have a new poster in production. This one teaches your people how to go about developing a strong personal immune system. It is laid out like the main care poster, with each panel describing something that can be done to improve immunity, for example, Vitamin D supplementation.

Within the panel there is a QR Code. When you scan the code, it opens a video with a Doctor of Integrative Medicine giving more instruction about that particular area of building immunity.

Stay tuned….

Workplace Wellbeing Posters

Don’t forget your Poster series. This is a perfect, low-cost Wellness Program for your workplace.

1. The Power of Care

2. An Interactive Guide to Building Immunity

Education in work workplace is key. The posters can deliver the education in the background as you work on other things. And don’t forget, the Posters give you valuable content for Toolboxes and as openers for meetings.

To learn more, or order posters, click here.

A Simple, Helpful Tip

If you are not a reader, and you would like to be, simply start reading 5 pages per day. Get up 15 minutes earlier, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and read 5 pages.

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